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Frederic Bastiat Interversity
"To understand the question is to know the answer" ~Claude Frederic Bastiat 

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Basics:  When and Under What Circumstances Should Violent Force Be Used?

Basics:  How to Identify "Legal Plunder"

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Claude Frederic Bastiat was the master at explaining economic processes and political fallacies in terms the average non-economist could relate to -- and why good observers of public policies and their results must go beyond simply what is seen in the short run and look beyond and beneath to discover what is usually not seen -- the hidden and longer-range (and often unintended) consequences. 

To read his classic essay, click here -->Text of "What Is Seen & What Is Not Seen" -- the article which inspired Henry Hazlitt to write his classic book Economics In One Lesson a century later. 
A Petition from the Candlemakers -- a classic of Bastiat's delightful wit! 

What is the Proper Function of Government -- of Political Law and its Agencies of Enforcement?
In the year 1850, not long before his untimely death from tuberculosis, Bastiat wrote and published perhaps the most eloquent essay on the proper role of government ever written. It is entitled "The Law" and is filled with Bastiat's usual clarity of expression and profound insights. Click on the following link and read the full text of the American translation of this classic exposition: The Law (HTML version) by Frederic Bastiat

The Law (plain text version) by Frederic Bastiat

Praise for Bastiat from 20th Century Economists
In Praise of an Economic Revolutionary:  Dallas Federal Reserve President Bob McTeer's Wall Street Journal (July 5, 2001) tribute to Frederic Bastiat

Why Frederic Bastiat is my hero by Bob McTeer (Make sure your speakers are turned on)

Economist Dr. Walter Williams on "Liberty's Greatest Advocate" 

Quotations from Frederic Bastiat on a Variety of Topics

For a sampling of Bastiat's other writings, bibliography, and a good source for further investigation, click on the link below: 
Frederic Bastiat Resource Link (sponsored by Le Cercle Frédéric Bastiat )
What is political economy and why do you need it?

The Three Principles of a Free Society -- and the Biggest Mistakes Made Today 
How to avoid some of the most common errors in regaining liberty

The Cause and Cure of Coercive Monopolies -- a Semester Course

This course discusses the nature, history, causes and cure of coercively exploitative monopolies and oligopolies.

From Totalitarianism to Laissez Faire

This involves a detailed analysis of totalitarianism and various lesser degrees of statism.  Why the opposite of totalitarianism is the policy of laissez faire, not "anarchy"; the differences between a constitutional republic and unlimited democracy; different ways of measuring or representing coercive interventionism into the private affairs and voluntary relationships of the people; . .
Why Republicans Seem Always to Cave in to Democrats:  Short-Sighted Political Pragmatism, Conspiracy -- or Ideology?

There is a key factor that undermines even the most sincere and well-intentioned "Mr. Smith" types.  Why even a "good character" and the best of intentions are not enough in an elected official.  Protect yourself from these missteps and those who make them in the name of political success.

Introduction to Bastiat's The Law

The former head of the Economics Department of George Mason University introduces the classic statement of the proper function of political government.

Seven Fallacies of Economics

Michigan economist Lawrence W. Reed briefly examines -- and puts to rest -- seven widespread fallacies that keep many people trapped politically.

The 7 Deadly Fallacies of Bad Economics
John K. Williams

Fundamental mistakes that should be avoided.  A "must" read!
Great Myths of the Great Depression

What caused the Great Depression of the 1930s? And what made it last so long? Understanding the answers to these questions is the key to avoiding similar debacles in our own time. 

Frequently Asked  Questions about the Freedom Perspective and Its Practicality


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